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Payment Service
A Faster, Easier, Smarter way to make payments! GOPay is a completely integrated solution for paying Officials, Assignors, Assessors, and Instructors after games or events scheduled in
Simple Fee Structure
The only cost is a flat fee for each transaction in a Statement Batch. This means a single fee for each User in the batch. No other charges! GOPay fees can be billed to the entity paying the Invoice or split billed to the System Group owner.
Direct System Integration
No need to remember extra usernames, passwords, or account numbers. Users simply access the service by clicking an additional menu item after they log in to their account.
Reporting / Taxes
Simple reference screens and detailed reports allow for fast lookup of payment status and batch information. Tax Information can be tracked and easily exported for accounting and 1099 reporting.
Quickly Send Invoices
Quickly create an Invoice for your association, league, or tournament. Within a few minutes, Statements are created and Payment Invoices are automatically emailed without ever leaving the system.
Account Security
Admin users can see amounts distributed to Users but not information about their accounts (routing/account numbers and financial institutions). This helps to maintain the privacy and security of everyone using GOPay.
Payment Distribution
Payments will be automatically released to your individual Users once an Invoice has been fully funded (payment has cleared). Every deposit is accompanied by an email notification to your Users.
Safe and Secure
Your data is safe with us. We use SSL connections and Encrypted Data to keep your information secure and unwanted visitors out. Credit card numbers are never stored in our system for your safety.
No Cost To Officials
Users can have funds automatically or manually deposited into their Bank Account for free via EFT. If an Official chooses to receive payment by physical check, a nominal processing fee will be deducted from their check.
Eliminate Security / Theft Overhead
No need to spend time, effort, and expense to carry cash to the field. Quickly pay officials at the end of a Tournament or Pay Period and ensure that the money doesn't disappear or end up in the wrong hands.
Invoice Process Overview
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Flow of Funds Overview
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